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Golden Green Key for Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp

Van der Valk hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp has the Golden Green Key Classification. The Green Key is an international quality mark for hoteliers and recreation entrepreneurs who are serious about sustainability, corporate social responsibility and care for the environment and nature.

The sustainability label is a nice addition to the Van der Valk hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp. Guests are also becoming more aware of the environment at home and that is why it is only natural that corporate social responsibility is of paramount importance to Van der Valk.

Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp considers the environment as much as possible due to its business activities as one of its most important objectives. The control of the environmental impact and the limitation of the environmental risks are both a primary responsibility of management and every employee of Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp. For example, our hotel aims, as a consequence of the policy, to minimize the production of (residual) waste and to limit a negative influence on the air, water and soil as a result of the execution of the business by means of an effective environmental management system.

Over the past years, Van der Valk has used the Rotterdam-Blijdorpzich hotel extra for the following points:

Reduction in water consumption, energy consumption, waste flows;
Applying sensor cranes in the public spaces;
Replacing various lighting with LED lighting, including in the parking lot, in the lobby, in the halls and in the offices;
Replacing paper towels in the toilet groups with cotton towel rolls;
Old mattresses have been sent to Africa. Including Cape Verde in the time of the volcanic eruption in 2014 that caused many people to become homeless and to a foundation that provides children's homes and orphanages with essential supplies;
Our oil lamps have been replaced by LED lights;
Our old banqueting chairs have gone to a company that gives the chairs a second life;
We have donated money to the KWF cancer fund (foundation Alpe D'Huzes), foundation DaDa, Make a wish foundation and to Ponyclub de Schieruiters;
Making our menu more sustainable.
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Environmental statement / Environmental statement
View our environmental statement here / Read our environmental statement here.