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Hotel Rotterdam - Blijdorp


Golden Green Key for Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp


Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp considers the protection of the environment, which result from its business objectives, as one of its most important objectives. Controlling the environmental impact and limiting the environmental risks, are both a primary responsibility of management and every employee of Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp.

Care for the environment will be a structural part of other business objectives as well. All employees are obliged to perform their duties in accordance with established procedures and the associated policy of the company, this also constitutes a natural way of behaving.

The policy of Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp is:

  • To supply services that meet and anticipate the expectations of visitors.
  • Conducting business operations in a way the environment is protected as well as the health and safety of our employees, visitors, suppliers and the public.

In accordance with this policy, Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp has implemented the following rules:

  • Compliance with the laws and regulations pertaining to the environment.
  • Recognition of the importance of the environment in both corporate and commercial matters.
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations relating to environmental matters.
  • Training and education of each employee with regards to their personal responsibility towards our environmental policy.
  • Measuring environmental progress through the implementation of a monitoring program.

Finally, our company’s objective, as a result of the policy is to minimise the production of (residual) waste and any adverse impact on air, water and soil resulting from the execution of our business.

M.J. Brakman

Rotterdam , 7th of June 2019